Antibiotic Stewardship

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Michael Smith, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, leads the DVTU's effort in antimicrobial stewardship at Duke and is a member of the antibacterial resistance leadership group (ARLG). Over the past few decades, rampant use of antibiotics has led to the development of numerous antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. The ARLG and DVTU are dedicated to monitoring the overuse of antibiotics to help stave off the introduction of these antibiotic resistant strains and "superbugs". Dr Smith recently joined Duke in 2017 from the University of Louisville and is a key member of the DVTU. Since joining Duke, he has led protocol development on a study to assess the pharmacokinetics of plazomicin in children and has contributed heavily to a vaccine study assessing the safety and immunogenicity of an H7N9 influenza vaccine.

Several studies at Duke as a part of the VTEU Network have focused on reducing unnecessary exposure to antibiotics in sick populations.

  • The SCOUT CAP study is lead at Duke by Dr. Chip Walter with recruitment also occuring at University of Arkansas Medical Center and Norton Children's Hospital in Louisville. This study is aimed at evaluating short course vs standard course treatment of community acquired pneumonia (CAP) in children. More information about this study can be found at
  • The TRAP study is lead by Dr. Ephraim Tsalik. This study is a targeted reduction of antibiotics using procalcitonin (PCT) in a study of azithromycin treatment in outpatient adults with suspected lower respiratory tract infection and a PCT level of less than or equal to 0.25 ng/mL. More information about this study can be found at